Senin, 07 Mei 2012

Houkago Eroge-Bu! 


For those unfamiliar with the sport, the story is concerning Akira who created it his solemn duty to safeguard his sister so they may live a traditional life. As they grow nearer to every different, others begin to surprise if there’s one thing that goes against ancient accepted norms and that they gain attention from the surface world where there bonds are tested by a dark force of demons who are invading your city.

How to install?
1- Extract files in random folder ( original images files ), you will get HOUKAGO.iso and HOUKAGO.mds
2- Made a back up for 2 files above into a new folder ( from here, all steps will do in back up one )
3- Get .Mds in attachement from my MF link, place it in back up folder, not original
4- Change HOUKAGO.iso to HOUKAGO.mdf, to do that you need uncheck "Hidden extensions for known files types" in Tools → Options
5- Use Daemon Tools Lite or Alcohol 120% latest version to mount HOUKAGO.mds and install game
6- Run game with houkago.exe, enter Serial: 72FM-ZTAZ7J-QP5588-XX5J98-8NR5EA and it should be fine :)
7- Happy playing ^_^

Size: 4.2 GB
PASSWORD : zantedeschia

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  1. dude the folder is not found on media fire

  2. dude folder is not found on mediafire please reupload oh and that open id Michael is mine

  3. folder is still not found please reupload the game

  4. folder still not found please reupload soon


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